The Arch

The Arch

The Arch


Predawn, that special moment before the first light of the day and the previous night sky. Using a long exposure on a overcast morning I was able to capture the first light of the day, creating a surreal blue hue over the Arch of Loch Ard.

Situated on Victoria’s Great Ocean Road, this is the location of one of Australia’s most famous shipwrecks.

In 1878 the vessel Loch Ard was destroyed off the cliffs of the gorge, of the fifty-one passengers and crew, only two survived, Tom Pearce and Eva Carmichael managed to swim into the safety of Loch Ard Gorge where they were rescued by local farmers.

Due to the constant erosion of large ocean swells, the Arch collapsed in June 09, leaving only the pillars of the Arch standing.


5th place and silver at the International Epson Pano Awards.


Edition: 200
Location: Great Ocean Road, Victoria
Exposure: 3 minutes 40 seconds
F Stop: f/22


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